The Heart Beat of the Earth (Tirol, Austria)

Why are the mountains so high? Why does the sound of water flow from them? Are they bleeding, crying out for the end? Joining up all the little streams and waterfalls they form a river so strong. Fresh water attacks the land with the least resistance. Why does water flow down from the mountains?

Questions like these accompanied my hikes in the Austrian Alps. Obviously, it’s hard not to notice the beauty of the mountains. Indeed, I expected such beauty and longed to be surrounded by it. This is something I think that all people who are drawn to the mountains experience and share with one another.

This calling brought me to Tirol, Austria in the Zillertaler valley. From Mayrhofen, a ski resort village crammed with tall and charming four star chalets, I took a bus to Breitlahner. Besides the one hotel/restaurant and the happy cows perched on the mountain side of that lonely farm, Breitlahner can’t be said to be much of a town. Sitting comfortably at 1257 meters, it does have the privilege of being the starting point of the trail leading up to the Berliner Hut.

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